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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene...Are You Serious?!?!

So, as I'm sure most of you heard, the east coast was rocked by hurricane Irene this past weekend!  We lost power at my house for the entire weekend, and learned to really live with nothing.  Sounds spoiled I know, but it was definitely hard.  Every minute that went by, with nothing to do, all I could think of was my unfinished classroom and all the laminating I left on my desk, waiting to be cut out!

Alas, today, Tuesday, our school regained power and teachers were allowed to return!  After missing Monday and Tuesday's workdays we were all rushing into school today to prep our classes for our Open House tomorrow evening!

I came in partially expecting my new furniture, and thousands of dollars worth of manipulatives to have been delivered, since my Pre-K class currently has nothing in it for this upcoming school year!  But of course nothing was there due to... IRENE!!  So I did my best "pretty up" the class and to try to overlook the lack of tables and "things".

Hopefully tomorrow, I can turn this room into something miraculous by 3pm!  I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There's a First Time for Everything!

Welp, there's a first time for everything!  I've decided to start a blog, as much as I never saw the point of it, I fell in love with many different teacher blogs and thought why not share my own classroom ideas?  So here it goes!  I'm not sure what to blog about first except for what I am doing now.

This year I will be in my fourth year of teaching and my third grade level taught!  My favorite question people always ask is "Oh, what grade do you teach?" and my answer is always.... "what have I not taught!?"

My first two years I taught adorable first graders and in my third year teaching I was lucky enough to *loop* up to second grade with my class.  What an experience that was!  I learned so much about myself when I was able to explore different avenues of teaching, because I already had a very high comfort level with my students and their families at the start of the school year.   The end of the year was bitter.sweet as I said goodbye to my kiddos of two years.  Some of them definitely needed a break from each other, but in the end, we were all a big family.

This year I am beginning yet another journey in teaching... PreK....
Our program is funded by VPI (Virginia Preschool Initiative) and this year many Virginia schools were given a grant to add another PreK classroom to their school.  When our school added their second PreK class, I seemed like a good fit.  So this year I will be dipping my toes into something new... again!

So to get this blogging thing started, I guess I will start by keeping you posted on my new classroom set up!!
My only current classroom picture is of some of my new organizing labels.  Needless to say, I got a little carried away with my labeling.  But I love how colorful and organized my cabinets are turning out!