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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Classroom Makeover HELP!!??

So, I had a typical Sunday... blog.stalking!  Shocking huh?  Well, today I found so many awesome, cute, AMAZING classrooms and now I'm torn about redesigning my classroom!  I always get those great compliments about how cute and bright my own classroom is, but now I feel like I'm underdressed in a fancy restaurant!  I don't want to spend all my money on the big redo, so I'm trying to be smart and find a smart way to work with what I've got, but to still change things around!  So I'm here for some advice!  Since this is my new classroom this year in PreK, some of the furniture that was bought for my room is in the standard "basic colors" of: red, blue, green, yellow.  For example, I have a storage unit that is similar to this one, with all my math manipulatives and center activities in them.
It is such a great storage unit and I love it, however, I do NOT love the standard colors.  I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to change the colors to the ones I want (by spray painting the tubs) because I definitely don't want to purchase a ton of new tubs to replace the brand new ones I was just given. Hmm...  Last year, in 2nd grade, my reading center was amazing and soooo cute!  Here's a teeny photo of part of my reading corner.  You can see the super cute baskets I got from really good stuff.  

Since I have so many of these cute baskets, I would love to incorporate them some how!!  I also have a "tropical.beach.chicka.chicka.boom.boom" themed classroom!  

So here's where it all get's tricky.... I am inspired by some of these other classrooms!  I really love the blue, green & black colors!  But I'm not sure that's possible with all my preK stuff??  Here's what I like...

I just really love how everything in the room matches, it all coordinates with each part of the classroom!  So what do you think?? How do I make my prek room, turn into one complete theme, without using standard plain colors!!???  If you know of cute DIY sites, let me know! 


Jessica said...

I'll keep my eyes and ears peeled. I love how your reading corner looked in your old classroom, hope you can make something just as cute in your new room :D

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