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Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Visitor!

Happy Monday everyone!!

Today as I finished bringing my kids to the bus, I come back to my room to discuss the day tomorrow with my aid, and we are greeted by a Monday Visitor!

Believe it or not, this precious pooch just walked into the school, uninvited like he owned the place!!  In the photo he has on a leash someone got from their truck, but he was tag-less and sadly, homeless!  Poor guy was so sleepy and sooo hungry!  I gave him some water and a small bowl of goldfish crackers.  I figured it was the healthiest snack in my room - for a dog at least! 

He knows how to "heel" and follows you when you call him.  On a leash he walks right by your side, and as you can see in this photo, he sits on command!  I can only imagine how upset his family must be with him not being home!  A teacher on my hall owns the local animal shelter (which closes at 2pm) so she took him home with her to clean him up and wait for a call from a frantic family.

Hopefully his family is found, so the poor guy can go back home... but until then he is definitely sleeping in a warm bed with a full belly tonight!

Happy Monday Ya'll!!


CacheyMama said...

Aww! He is a cutie :)

Busy Bees said...

Just found your darling blog. Too cute of a story. We have had dogs do that, too.

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