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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Couldn't put Humpty together again... we can!!

Each week we do a different nursery rhyme in our PreKindergarten classroom!  The other week we learned "Humpty Dumpty."  My kids really loved this nursery rhyme and we really had a lot of fun with it!  
So here's what we did...

Each day, we reviewed the rhyme on the easel with retelling cards from sparkle box
(Click the link to go to the site to print your copy!)

Notice the big handmade Humpty?  We use him later... it was important for him to be present each day, you'll see why in a few...

Next, in centers we did some directional art, and each student made their own Humpty Dumpty to take home (after we displayed them in the hall of course!)  
Here's how they turned out!

They were super easy to make and my kids really loved making predictions about which piece went to which part of their Humpty!  Here's how we did it...
We used the words from kizclub, which we also got different retelling pieces from, that are not pictured here.  I use this site all the time, even when I taught 2nd grade.  My kids love retelling and sequencing stories after they have read them.  I would usually put these pieces on magnets and let the kids use my file cabinet or my desk to retell their favorite story........ 
but for prek, we just used them in whole group, and some used them in centers.  

Now back to that Humpty I made for whole group... Remember him? Here he is!!

Well he was very helpful Monday through Thursday when we would review the rhyme, but for some reason, on Friday, only one piece of him was there??!!! There was a big problem in room A-11... Humpty Dumpty had a great fall Thursday night while we were gone!!  But the worse part was, we didn't have all the pieces to put him back together!!  Luckily, Friday is the only day we do NOT have specials in the morning, so we conveniently had some free time to go searching!  First, we did some brainstorming and each kid gave a prediction of where Humpty's parts could be... 

After we made our predictions, we took our chart with us, and we searched the school.  As we left each place, we either marked out or circled rather or not we found his pieces in that location.  The kids were so excited and they were so happy to find the pieces... in all our specials classes :) 

When we got back to the room, we laid all the pieces down and the kids matched patterns, and worked together to put him back together. 

There was only one problem left... How do we get him to stay together??  We brainstormed some more and the kids came up with great ideas such as: glue, staples, tape, bandaids, duct tape, brown tape, even bubble gum!  But overwhelmingly, the idea was to use bandaids, which worked out perfectly, as that is what I planned for anyway!  Each kid was able to come apply a bandaid on Humpty.  The other kids were so cute and helpful by directing each kid where they should apply the next bandage.  Where it was the most helpful to our Humpty!  My kids loved this activity, and the parents were even talking about it the next week!  We keep Humpty on our door on the inside, and the kids say bye to him at the end of the day.  I highly suggest this activity, it was a lot of fun, and didn't take much planning!!

Couldn't put Humpty together again??!!.... WE CAN!!! 


Jessica said...

I love this project!
Also, I don't know why your new posts don't show up on my feed. SAD FACE. I'll just have to keep checking back. ;)

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